Travel Tips | The best spot to enjoy Osaka Castle and Take A picture


I’m sure this is the SCREAM for most of us when travels to famous tourist attraction.

OSAKA CASTLE definitely one of it.
We are definitely not A big fan of crowded! Instead of walking into the crowded space, we did some homework before visit Osaka Castle.
Here’s our humble experience about the best spot you can enjoy the beauty of OSAKA CASTLE and take a great picture without interruption.

1: The best spot for a portrait shot that almost nobody
osaka castle park
There’s a small garden pathway inside Osaka Castle Park, it’s beautiful and so fresh! For 30 minutes, we did not even saw a single person or tourist walk by this area.

2: OSAKA CASTLE as the backdrop

How can we miss out to photo check in with OSAKA Castle.
We found a less crowded area nearby Site of Yamazatomon Gate 山里門跡 with beautiful ancient stone wall and OSAKA Castle is a beautiful fit into the backdrop.

3: The beautiful River Side

This is definitely a great spot most of the people will miss out because it’s next to the public toilet!
A great spot to chill and enjoy OSAKA Castle by the riverside, there’s even wooden boat cruising!

TIPS of the day: STAY FAR away from OSAKA Castle building if you like to enjoy the full view.

Hope you will keep these best spot and experience wonderful OSAKA!

The best spot to enjoy Osaka castle and take a picture The best spot to enjoy Osaka castle and take a picture

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