My Travel Accessories – Lifeline ID

As a traveller, I always have a worry that is if one day I met an accident, and I can’t speak due to language difficulties or I am unconscious, how can they get in touch with my family or immediate contact.
Travel accessories - Lifeline ID

This problem always bothers me until I found a product – Lifeline ID.

What is lifeline ID?

It is actually a wristband with all information that I wish to put in such as Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Blood Type, Medical Condition, Medical Allergy, Emergency Contact etc.
It can put up to 6 lines, each line can put up to 25 characters.
My travel accessories - Lifeline ID
With all these information, when I unable to speak or unconscious, it helps to communicate with another person or rescue.

There is various design of Lifeline ID and with a series of colour for our choices.
Lifeline ID Pro comes with a very long silicon strap, we can cut the extra segments out according to our wrist size.

Tips here: measure the size before cutting it, else extra cost may be incurred to order a new strap if we mistakenly cut too many segments.

We can buy different colours and change it according to the style.
Others than a travel lover like me, Lifeline ID also suitable to the person who gets into extreme outdoor sports, hiking and etc.

There is another usage – luggage bag tag, as the design of the lifeline ID, is not easy to be taken off unless someone intended to do so. Thus, it can attach to the checked in luggage.

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