Top 5 reason why we love travel Japan

In the previous blog post, we shared The best spot to enjoy Osaka Castle and Take A picture.
We definitely passionate about JAPAN and here’s top 5 reason why we love to travel in JAPAN!

1. Beautiful Photography Spots
We always believe photography is the best way to share our experience. One of the first reason attracted us to JAPAN is definitely so much beautiful photography spots from famous tourism attraction to the streets.

Our experience: The best spot to enjoy Osaka Castle and Take A picture

2. Delicious and good food
We always heard about this, FOOD is the best way to experience A new culture. Trust us, Japanese cuisine isn’t only “SUSHI”, there’s so much hidden gem just within walking distance. One of our highly recommend MUST EAT is the 100 years old Oden Restaurant – Takoume, Osaka

3. The night still young
Once the sky turns dark, the lights painted the city with a new dress. It’s so beautiful and definitely more crowded compared to the day.

4. Closer to natural
We definitely love to experience the “GREEN” whenever travelled to a new destination. One of our favourite green spots is Nunobiki Forest, it’s so well maintained and there’s tracking path ready for the hikers. Most importantly, it’s so close to the natural.

5. Disney SEA and LAND!
“DISNEY” A place where childhood dream come true.
Definitely one of the reason why we fall in love with Japan, especially Disney Sea!

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