My favourite top 3 destinations in Asia for female

This year I’m so blessed for able to travelled few different Asia country either by myself or with friends families.
I’m going to list out three of my favourite destinations in Asia for female.

1. South Korea

It’s definitely a female shopping heaven, the public transport is complete and convenient, I had shared previously on how you can travel easily in south korea.
I personally think it’s one of the women safety and secure nightlife country in Asia, that’s why It go to my first pick.

2. Macau

The first impression of Macau is definitely Casinos, but it’s still pretty safe to stay out late, especially those main tourism attraction, it’s still crowded with tourist over late night.
If you’re visiting Macau from Hong Kong, here’s how to travel to Macau from Hong Kong.

3. Georgetown, Penang

Here come my third favourite destination in Asia, Georgetown.
It’s an island city in state of Pulau Penang that filled with old colonial heritage attraction and delicious local food. In term of safety and security, it’s the best to me personally among the cities in Malaysia.

Drop your comment below or DM me on INSTAGRAM if you have another recommend destination in Asia that’s perfect for female travellers.

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