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Mido Café 美都餐室 at Temple Street Hong Kong

It was raining when we first arrived in Hong Kong, yeah, and that has affected our mood. So after we checked in our hotel – Eaton Hotel, we just wish to find a place to feed our stomach.
It is just 5 minutes walking distance from Eaton Hotel to Mido café.
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Mido Café is located at Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, it is just nearby the Tian Hou Temple.
Mido Cafe Hong Kong

Mido Café is a local Hong Kong Restaurant since the 1950s. Until today, it still retains the décor of the 1950s. The first feel when I step in this. The restaurant is like I was in the 1950s Hong Kong movie.

Hmm… but as we all know, Hong Kong people are not so friendly and have less smile. So, when we
went into the café, the Boss just looked at me and pointed me to the upstairs… Just feel a bit scary with this.
It was a rainy day, so the Restaurant was empty and just a few people there. So it looks a little quiet. The environment of the Restaurant is clean. There are a lot of foods and drinks serving in this restaurant and it’s all local food. However, we just managed to order a few to try it out.

Fresh tomatoes beef brisket soup with macaroni (鲜茄牛腩汤通心粉)
Mido Cafe Hong Kong

Red Bean & Lotus Seed Ice (红豆莲子冰)
Mido Cafe Hong Kong

A totally new thing to both of us. It is a perfect match and it tastes really good.

Condensed milk & Butter toast (奶油多士)
Mido Cafe Hong Kong

Coke in Glass Bottle which is hard to found now.
Mido Cafe Hong Kong

Overall: The food tastes good. The environment is just nice.

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