Cafe Visit | Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe | Empire Damansara

It was a pretty shiny Saturday morning, we woke up early in morning. No special appointment and schedule for the day, so we decided to drive further for breakfast.
We came to Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe located in Empire Damansara.
A cafe with a container as decoration, interesting isn’t?
Overall, it’s a comfortable and good environment for refreshing morning breakfast
Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe

Here’re what we had
Metal-Box Baked Egg
Eggs in a pot baked together with chicken, chicken sausage, potato, eggplant etc. It serves with 2 slices of toast. It is creamy and with a good amount of ingredients.
My Verdict: TASTE GOOD!

Metal Box Baked Egg

Visual Sensation
SUPER JUICY!!This is a visual sensation to me 😀

Good Old Toast
A combination of 2 slices of French Toast and 2 Eggs.
There’s multiple choice: poach, scramble, sunny side up or over easy.
Absolutely, I had the over easy.
A little disappointed as the French toast out of stock so only normal toast as a replacement.
My Verdict: Normal

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