From Kuala Lumpur to Taipei with China Airlines

“Action is more than excitement”. My BFF and I were planning a trip from a beginning of last year, however, all this was just a plan and it did not come true.

Somewhere in December last year, we randomly decided to travel together to Taipei in February.

As BFF is working in Japan and hardly come back to Malaysia, we have very little time to meet up. So, one day in December last year, we randomly decided to travel together in February and organised a BFF Trip to Taipei.

The first thing to do to make the trip become true – BUY A FLIGHT TICKET, and then I will not regret or something else after that.

Since there were only two months left, flight ticket was kind of expensive. SO, as usual, I asked Google Flights first before I make any decision on my flight ticket.

Surprisingly, China Airlines offer a return ticket to Taipei at RM800+ (Economy Class), including 30kg checked-in baggage allowance, meal on board, entertainment on board etc. So, why not?

Honestly, this was my first time flying with China Airlines. So, I summarised down my experience with China Airline’s bellows:

1. Most of the Flight Attendances are good looking, friendly and polite.

2. The meal tastes good, just the taste of the dessert should be improved. However, I thought I will have 2 meals during my 4-hours flight, but it only had one meal.
3. There is some entertainment on boards, enough for me to spend on my 4-hours flight.
4. Toilets are clean.

5. Comfortable length for leg compartments.

Overall, my impressions to China Airlines is considering good and affordable. Sometimes they will offer some cheaper tickets, if you have a chance, you can have a try. Above are my own experience, you should check out yourselves.


30kg checked in luggage allowance is kinda attractive for those who like shopping in Taiwan.

I took a 9.9kg luggage to Taipei and a 24kg luggage back to Kuala Lumpur. Opps =)

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