How to travel Cheap: Tips for budget travelling

When you get bitten by wanderlust, all you want to do is get set and get out there.
As appealing the idea of just transporting to your destination life does not cease to sully
your enthusiasm and thus dawns on you a whole list of planning! Beginning from the
choice of destination, commute options and the most important – budget, travelling
cheap can be tricky. It is as easy as a breeze once you crack the code but to get there,
here’s a list of tips for budget travelling when you are lost wondering “Is someone out
there, who could Plan my trip!?”

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1. Book tickets well in advance
One of the major fronts where you can save a lot while budget travelling is tickets. A good
time window is defined by booking approximately forty-five days prior to your travel

2. Make smart accommodation choices
With the gamut of options available today in the hospitality sector, finding good deals
on accommodation is not a task anymore. Thanks to some incredible options like
homestays, Airbnb, and several eclectic hostels all around the world making smart
accommodation choices are extremely uncomplicated.

3. Explore local specialities and regular fare for food
Exploring local food options has two main benefits – you are introduced to the
indigenous food culture and secondly, local dishes are always cheaper. Street food or
basic fare is something you must look out for!

4. Resort to public transport

This one’s a no-brainer, owing to the fact that public transport is always a better bet
than cabs or private taxis among other options.

5. Connect with other travellers prospectively travelling to your

Travelling solo is indeed a divine experience one must experience at least once in their
lifetime but the pros of travelling in company are many. You get to split your expenses
for almost everything. What’s more? You can still enjoy the pleasure of being a semi-solo

6. Do a good research 0n free attractions and activities
There is no place that does not have a good list of free attractions or experience you can
behold free of cost. Across the world, local culture and history are best displayed in
museums that have no entrance fee and are open to the public. Even the joy of walking
down cobbled paths of narrow lanes in some European country can be unmatchable.

7. Opt for the hop on and hop off buses
Hitting two birds with one stone, hop on and hop off buses are your best bet to get
around a city as well as see its prime attractions. Worth the sum you pay, you just buy a
pass at the start of the day which you can use all through the day for the purpose of
getting around and sightseeing.

8. Travel off-season
Cheaper accommodation tariffs, cheaper flights, and lesser crowds are only a few of the
perks of travelling offseason. Not to mention, the tranquillity of checking out an
attraction at your own pace!
With these eight tips, rest assured you will end up saving bucks enough to plan your
next trip already!

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