Hong Kong & Macau in 8 Days – Short Note

Here’s a little bit short note before I start to share my schedule in Hong Kong and Macau.


Octopus Card (八达通)
Hong Kong octopus
The first thing to do when we reach Hong Kong – buy the octopus card. With this card in our hand, we can easily access to all public transport in Hong Kong such as Airport Express, MRT, buses etc.
We bought the octopus card at the airport express train counter. It cost us HKD 150 (HKD 100 credit inside and HKD50 as deposit). We can then reload it at any added value service providers such as MTR Stations, 7-11, Watsons etc. Before we leave, we just return the card at the Airport Express Counter and get back the remaining credit together with the HKD 50 deposit, they just charged us HKD 9 as processing fees. Of course, if we want, we may keep it for our next trip to Hong Kong, or as a souvenir.
The benefit of the octopus card – enjoy the discount when you take public transport, convenience. We can even use it when we bought groceries in 7-11, bought a meal in Macdonald etc.

How to go to city from the airport?
Hong Kong Airport
There are plenty of choices to get to and from Hong Kong International Airport. The public transports in Hong Kong quite a convenience. Here, I recommend 2 cheaper way:

Bus from Hong Kong Airport to City
There are basically 2 main buses service provider: Citybus and Long Win. Our destination is Eaton Hotel (Jordan area), so, I took A21 bus from the airport to our hotel. It cost us HKD 33 and it takes around 1 hour to reach the hotel.
Here provide a link for you to check which bus will be suitable for you:

A small reminder: if you choose to take the bus, please do some research which station you should get down the bus and be extra careful where the bus has reached, else you may miss the bus station that you suppose to get down.

Airport Express (机场快线) and MTR (港铁)
Hong Kong MTR Experience
We choose to take the MRT and Airport Express to go to Airport from the city as the MTR Stations near to our hotel. It costs us HKD 60 (from Prince Edward Station to Airport). It is quite a convenience and fasts, the only thing is that we need to change the line. However, it is not complicated and all the signs in the station are clear.